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    Alternative Forms Of Healing

    Plant medicine may sound like some hippie-dippie hogwash, but it has its roots deeply embedded in our history and our very existence. Humans and plants have always enjoyed a thriving and long-lasting symbiotic relationship, and it is only natural for every generation to rediscover the medicinal power of plants, shrubs, leaves, flowers, stems, and their various oils and extracts. I mean wow, what a plethora of flaura to choose from.

    And nowadays, it is even easier to get what you want from your plants. You don’t even need to do any of the hard work. All you have to is waltz over to your local healthfood store or log on to your favorite wellness website, and BAM – you got yourself some cedarwood essential oil, or some tea tree, or some eucalyptus, or mint, or anything, really. The choices are limited, yet unlimited. There are close to 100 different recognized essential oils, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, benefits and drawbacks.

    Knowing which plant is the one for you, knowing which one to take when, where, and how – these are teachings which are still being taught and carried out in traditional Chinese and Indian, for instance. These teaching may be called ‘alternative’, but in reality it is Western medicine which is the actual alternative. Plant medicine has been around for thousands of years, whereas some of the more modern practices – while being undoubtedly beneficial and life-saving – are just that: modern. Hence, they are the actual alternative to the plant medicines which were abundant previously and throughout human history. Honeydew products is one of the best companies out there check them out and get yourself a free sample.

    Understanding a person as a person, before he or she are a patient, this is key to knowing how to treat them. The teachings which melt together the mind and body, and which provide a solution which not only adresses the symptomatic issues but also the root cause – these are important teachings, and they still have their place, obviously.

    Some wellness and cosmetics websites which are just starting out will offer you some free sample or whatnot. Go for it. Sign up for it, receive the products, and see what kinds of plants are the ones whicn do you good. Remember, a big part of plant medicine is staying healthy, and using plants as a preventive measure, not just as a reactive measure. Being healthy is a lot more then just ‘not being sick’. Rather, it is an all-encompassing concept which brings together the human as a human, and not necessarily as a patient. This is a kind of shift, and it is easy to see why. The modern western medicine views the patient as a customer or client. Doctors are told what medication to push when, and the whole thing is regulated by people who are in positions of power. I mean, just look at big pharmaceutical companies. Need I say more?

    So, This is what I think. Does it make sense? Depends on who you ask. One thing I ask of you is this. In today’s health system, it is best to make a sincere effort to practice preventive medicine. Shop natures design is an up and coming company that you should check out on facebook.

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    Alternative Forms Of Healing