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    Keep It Real Healthy

    For some people, it doesn’t take too much to get back into shape. Some are very adept at changing their will. I always find it fascinating, the way some people are able to make certain decisions and stick with them. It’s not that I don’t have my own principles and values, but when it comes to exercise and dieting, count me out. I can’t do it right now. It would simply be one more thing which I start, endure for a while, then probably give up on. And I am not saying this to shirk my responsibility towards myself. I just like getting my health on in another way. For now.

    It is a slow process. Eventually, yes, I would want to change my diet habits and keep my body moving. Yes, that it something that I can say I want, but that the timing is off. I know, I know, I can hear those of you out there who are saying: “Pfft. This is nothing. Commit!”. And I would like to answer them in classic Coen Brothers fashion: “well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man”.

    And let me be clear about something else. I am not a lightweight. I have more than a few extra pounds. I am not exactly the type of poor yutz you need to haul out of bed with a crane, but I am not my ideal weight. I don’t completely buy into the body mass index, but it is a fairly accurate tool for basic first-assessments. Sometimes ongoing.


    Some people get to make that decision and stick to it. Not me. I need to really want change to occur for it to actually materialize and find itself into my life. And it wouldn’t be my doing, probably. But I know me. I’ve known myself for many years, and I know my week points. Keep using healthy cosmetics at HoneydewProducts.com.

    One of the things which help me keep high spirits is aromatherapy massages. You know, incense, essential oils, and stuff like that. I started getting one, once a month, and it changes a lot of things if you let it to. It can even help you to make better and more long-term commitments, as I found out.

    Like a small pebble blocking the water’s entrance to a magnificent pond, the excuses and stories we tell ourselves are dwarfed when something of substance or consequence actually happens. But, if nothing of sort happens, you are sitting tight, eh?

    The point I am trying to make is that even after all, there is more than one way to stay healthy. For me, my mind has to be at peace, before I extend the same kind of courtesies to my body. It is a thing of mine. I believe in mind over matter, but for that to happen I need to build up my mind. This is something which is always taken the wrong way, but the truth is that people need to keep developing their minds. Keep challenging themselves. From the cradle to the grave, we need to look after our body and mind, and their connection.

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    Keep It Real Healthy