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    Vitamin C Serum

    Using vitamin C on your face could be bad or good. It depends on you, your genes, and the time of day (or night) that you put it on. Some people are more sensitive to sun light, and the addition of vitamin C can yield some less desireable results. It could potentially make your skin even more sensitive, and if this is something you wish to avoid, you should be using a vitamin C serum at nighttime.

    The use of vitamin C for your skin is a relatively old practice, but it keeps getting rediscovered. Much like other beauty and cosmetics products, it is about how you apprach it. You could have a chemical-laden product with a touch of vitamin C. Or you can have a herbal product with a good amount of vitamin C. And anything and everything in between.

    I used a serum like that for a blemish which I wanted to help fade. This is something which I wanted to do for a while, but I just put it off. Surprise, surprise. If procrastinating was an olympic sport, eh?….

    I finally got around to doing it, and I immediately regreted not doing it sooner. I wanted to do a local thing, and just take care of the blemish, but I ended up using it as a facial treatment, and I saw some visible differences in a few weeks. It was pretty cool to see my skin react in a positive way, because I was kind of skeptical of all this hippie-dippie vitamin herbal thing for your face. Check out the Vitamin C Serum by Maple Holistics.

    I am happy to say I was wrong. And I don’t think I am the exception. I just think that some people out there don’t care enough to investigate the more natural options which are at their disposal, often opting to go straight for the medical/pharma products.

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    Vitamin C Serum