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    Maple Lip Balm

    There are few things that make a statement like a bright and bold lipstick. A bright red lip conveys confidence and style for women, like a leather jacket does for men. Come to think of it, a leather jacket does something similar for women too, but that is besides the point. Beauty icons throughout the ages have rocked a red lip in their most iconic pictures. In modern times, Taylor Swift is known for her powerful scarlet pout.

    When you look at a picture of someone wearing a red lip, it usually looks seamless. A silky blanket of color that spans from the top to bottom lip. But when you do it, it looks messy and somehow, bumpy. What went wrong? While there are countless tips and tricks for applying a red lip, often the secret of the perfect red lip is the prep before application. If you have flaky rough lips before lipstick application, those issues will be magnified once the lipstick is on. So how do you prepare your pucker for an intense punch of color? Read on to find out.

    Getting smooth and soft lips is much like achieving silky soft skin anywhere else on your body. First you want to exfoliate to remove the dead skin, and then you want to lock in the moisture. Here are some easy methods to remove flaky skin from your lips:

    1. The Tooth Brush Method

    Wet your toothbrush and then gently massage on your lips in circular motions. You should notice the dead skin leaving your lips and revealing new skin.

    1. Olive Oil and Sugar Lip Scrub

    This sweet and savory method uses olive oil and sugar to gently exfoliate your flaky lips. Mix two parts sugar to one part olive oil, and apply either with your finger or a tooth brush. The sugar granules exfoliate your lips while the olive oil moisturizes them. Scrub well, then lick or wipe off.

    1. Buy a Ready-Made Lip Scrub

    As easy and simple as it is to make a lip scrub at home, sometimes you want to pamper yourself and purchase one infused with an assortment of oils to enhance your lips. The fresh lip polish is a great way to go. It is super gentle, but incredibly effective at sloughing that dead skin off. If you are looking for a budge friendly version, try e.l.f. lip exfoliate. It comes in an easy and mess free lipstick tube. Just apply as needed.

    Now that you have gotten rid of all that nasty dead skin, it’s time to seal in the moisture, to ensure a silky-smooth finish. While everyone has their own holy grail lip balm, I swear by Maple Holistic’s lip balms. These simple and unassuming tubes house the ultimate lip wonder. I don’t know how they do it, but every time I use this lip balm, my lips are not only super soft and moisturized, but somehow, they look plumper too. This is the base you want when applying a bright, especially matte lip color.

    Once the prep is over, the fun begins, and your lips are ready to be painted. We are living in an amazing era for make-up. Literally anything goes. Don’t limit yourself to the classic lip colors such as reds and pinks. Be bold and be experimental. Try berries, browns, and even blues. Just remember when wearing a statement lip, you want to keep the rest of your make up super simple. A simple, clean winged liner does wonders to balance and accentuate bold beautiful lips.

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    Maple Lip Balm